Half Way Thru Womens Santos Tour Down Under 2018

Its half way through the Santos Tour Down Under, and man its already been a hectic race. Leading into the tour, I was excited to go hit it out against some pretty tough competition. It is always quite intimidating walking around so many professional athletes… Until I remember that I actually am one!


The first stage was up there with one of the hottest races I have ever done. I felt like I was already sweating before I even hit the bike. Which meant hydration was going to be extremely important. Especially, as we were racing for over three hours. The first lap I felt great, and found myself riding a lot around the front. Normally in the big pelotons I get a little nervous and find myself getting pushed around a lot. However I felt like I was starting to get the hang of it!

Towards the end of the first stage, it was getting sooooo HOT! My body was definitely starting to shut down on me… but I suffered through and made it to the finish with the main bunch.

All I was hoping for is that the next day would be a little cooler… Funnily enough, it was much cooler.  Actually it was raining, and I stood shivering on the start line! This stage was a gnarly one, me and my team got caught out a lot in the side winds. We spent about half the race battling it out, aha at least we had each other! Everything generally came back together.

Vines and riders in the Barossa.

However, leading into the hill top finish a split of thirty riders got away. Me and the rest of the Kiwi girls ended up once again battling it out, and trying to get back into contact. At the base of the climb the lead bunch blew to bits. I ended up riding through heaps of riders and managed to finish in a real decent position. Putting me into third in the young rider classification with my teamie Grace in 1st!