Mid-Season Update

The beginning of my season finished with Tour of California. From there I was based in Marin County for almost two months of base training and preparing for the Aqua Bike World Championships! This block was manly training however, I got to race a local criterium, and go on a 12 hour road trip to Oregon to race in the Baker City Tour.  These events where awesome fun and helped break up the block of training, before heading over to Denmark to race at the Multisport World Champs. Follow the link to my little write-up on the event!


Coming back from Denmark, I had a clearer idea of the races I would be competing in for the rest of the season.  Plans are often changing but I knew I had some pretty exciting plans coming up. I just had to buckle down and hit out a couple of months of hard training.

After a few weeks back in the States I was racing the San Rafael Criterium.   I hadn’t exactly done much speed work as I had just come out of an endurance block.  However, this meant I had nothing to lose. I decided to hit out a hard-core race and got myself in some breakaway’s and picked up a few epic prize bonuses along the way!

Luckily, I have been able to explore some epic training grounds.  I was based in Fairfax for an entire month. The bike culture there was awesome, and the training was even better.  Heaps of climbing which was perfect for some of the tours I had coming up.  What made Fairfax even better is that the house I was staying at literally had its door step outside a trailhead.  This meant I spent a little too much time out running then suitable for a cyclist… but I’m all about cross training.  Anyway, I have never just done pure cycling training. Personally, I think its super important to have some variability in training for overall health and mentality.

After Fairfax, I have been doing a bit of house hopping and found myself in Santa Cruz for a little while. The town is super hip, and I fell in love with the laid-back bohemian vibe.  I managed to find myself the perfect café (awesome coffee and music), making the perfect spot to hit out some study between training sessions!

Then, I was back in Menlo Park with a family I stayed with last year.  This was my last destination in the US, before heading off to Europe for the rest of my season!

First up Giro della Toscana from the 7th – 9th September in Italy,  a UCI 2.2 tour.  Then the big one which will be my longest and probably hardest tour to date – Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l’Ardèche from the 13th – 18th September in the French Alps, a UCI 2.1 6 day 7 stage tour.

Bring on the racing I am ready!